Israeli Spectator Sport: Killing Gazans

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” ~Dalai Lama

Yesterday as Gaza was being pummelled by F-16’s and Drones delivering missiles of death, the people in Gaza, Palestine were screaming as their lives ended with a powerful flash.

Meanwhile, Not far away, atop the hills of stolen Palestine near the Nir Am kibbutz, others were enjoying a Sporting Day Out with the family. Scenes much akin to the Roman colosseum , Illegal Jewish Settlers excitedly enjoy themselves as they watch death rain down on civilians in Gaza.

Family Day Out-Illegal settlers watch as children in Gaza die

Illegal settlers watch as children in Gaza die

here is what they found so exciting and interesting.

two-year-old girl, Hadeel al-Hadad killed

two-year-old girl, Hadeel al-Hadad, at the morgue in the al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City on June 20, 2012.




Does Israel Control Your News?

Do the Zionists control the main stream media? You be the judge: Yesterday 7 people were killed in Gaza, two were teenagers and two more were tiny children; and there were over 14 people injured, along with homes and cars which were also destroyed. Yet, when I did a “google” search for “news” this morning, look at the results (below) that came up for “latest news in last 24 hours” notice anything wrong??

So, have we all been kidnapped and taken to some alternate universe? Every news story is about poor little israel (where no one died and only three soldiers were mildly injured) yet we see page after page, story after story, and they are all about “poor little israel under attack.” NO mention whatsoever of the 7 murdered in Gaza or the 14 injured. Nope, Nothing, Zippo, Nada…..

Somehow the perception of reality has been bent out of shape, black has become white, wrong has become right, evil has become good………….

“google” “Latest News” results the fact that Israel has murdered 7 (including children) and injured 14 in Gaza

As Sarsak’s Life and Career Ends, Gilad Shalit’s Begins

25 year old Palestinian footballer Mahmoud Sarsak edges closer to death, meanwhile in the alternate universe that is known as “Israel” Gilad Shalit becomes……….wait for it…..A sports reporter.

That’s right folks, as Shalit is spouting sport scores on TV and travelling to America to cover basketball games, Mahmoud Sarsak is dying in his cell having been charged with NO crime what so ever!

Gilad Shalit, the kidnapped IDF soldier released last October in an historic prisoner exchange with Hamas, has been hired as a sports reporter by the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot.

Shalit is set to travel to the United States for his first big assignment — the NBA finals that began Tuesday at the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City

Funnily enough, Shalit, was part of the Egyptian brokered deal that saw the end of the full hungerstrike last month. However, as expected, israel has a wee tiny problem remaining faithful to what it promised (surprise!!) Part of the deal was to end the collective punishment of solitary confinement for Palestinian prisoners which was implemented when Shalit was captured. Additionally israel “promised” to stop abusing Administrative Detention and also to stop the continuous 6 month extensions of Administrative Detention. Within the agreement israel promised to either free people or charge them. However we are dealing with an entity called isarel that never keeps its word. If it can almost steal an entire country it can surely renege on an agreement or two, or three, or four……

Sarsak has been on Administrative Detention for 3 years now
it continues to be extended without charge nor trial.
Today is his 88th day on hungerstrike.
He is dying to live!